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Best Forex Brokers India 2022 – Start Earning Money From Day One

Nowadays, everyone is looking for a side hustle, and most people want to earn money aside from their nine to six job. For such people, the fx market can be a boon. At the same time, it could be difficult for such people who are not good at strategic and technical analysis. 

For them, the aid of the best forex brokers in India can be fruitful. Though hundreds of forex brokers are out there, Indian forex brokers who follow legal necessities can guide Indian traders well compared to foreign fx brokers. 

In this article, we will discuss the best forex brokers India, the best time for forex brokers in India, the forex brokers platform India, the No 1 forex brokers India, verified forex brokers in India, and so on. Before choosing a particular fx broker, knowing many factors and in-depth analysis of the industry is crucial. 

Best Forex Brokers In India

The best forex brokers platform India can be identified by considering many fundamental factors such as lower spreads, trading platforms, high-quality customer support, and fast execution. Although the entire article is about the best forex brokers India, it is further shortlisted into five different categories. Such as,

#1. Top forex brokers in India

#2. Legal forex brokers in India 

#3. Forex brokers company in India

#4. Indian forex brokers company

#5. Regulated forex PAMM brokers India

Top Forex Brokers In India

The fx market is blooming, and one has to be extra careful when choosing the best forex broker India. Since all the fx brokers need not be registered. When our investment goes to a company, we can blindly choose verified forex brokers in India as they have trusted forex brokers India. Almost every best forex broker in India fulfills the criteria that must be present to earn the trustworthiness of traders. Here is the curated list of top forex brokers in India.

#1. IG

Regarding trustworthiness, IG forex brokers platform India ranks No 1 forex broker in India. They provide an opportunity for thousands of traders on forex, shares, indices, and more using CFDs which are the most needed criteria for the best forex brokers India.
Moreover, the Bermuda Monetary Authority granted a license to conduct digital asset and investment business.

They offer demo accounts for traders to get to know the ups and downs of the fx market. In addition, they put traders’ money at regulated banks in segregated accounts. IG forex platform ranks among the top forex brokers for India as they offer negative balance protection that gains the trust of all readers.

#2. XM

XM is a globally renowned company that offers fast direct execution. They charge no hidden fees, and also they provide 1000+ trading instruments. XM forex platform is licensed and fully regulated. It gives access to financial markets in almost 1000 financial instruments, including equity indices, precious metals, energies, and forex. It ranks as one of the best forex brokers India, with more than 3.5 million clients.


Alpari’s PAMM account allows new traders to invest in an experienced trader’s account. Over two million clients trust ALPARI, and they offer 24/7 live support. Many Indian forex clients consider Alpari as one of the best forex brokers India since it has 4000 PAMM accounts open for investment.

Legal Forex Brokers In India

Registration for forex brokers is not mandatory, and it is optional. So that many of the fx brokers do not have a regulated fx platform, but forex brokers based in India need to be registered for their standards. A forex brokerage should be registered and verified, and also it should always be under the financial regulator’s supervision which will give confidence to traders to open verified accounts.

A trader must ensure that their investment goes to legal forex brokers who offer negative balance protection. SEBI laid strict rules for best forex brokers India. Through strict enforcement, SEBI ensures that the firm follows the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999. Moreover, the country’s central bank, RBI, regulates forex transactions as illegal investments based on contracts like CFD.

Forex Brokers Company In India

To play a safe game, we advise you to choose one of the best regulated and licensed forex brokers in India. Forex Brokers company in India adheres to strict rules as Indian law enforces many limitations. One must make sure that the fx broker company follows all those limitations. Here is the list of fx companies that follow all those limitations.


Olymptrade has gained the trust of traders worldwide, and 13 languages are localized in the platform interface. Olymptrade is one of the best forex brokers India as they are a category A member of the Financial Commission (Fina Com), which confirms the high quality of services and the company’s reliability.


Axiory offers maximum security to traders via various procedures such as IFSC License, Negative balance protection, segregated accounts, and third-party auditing. They also provide leverage up to 1:777, spreads from 0 pips, low to no commission, and positive and minimal slippage. In addition, they have advanced technology and platforms which offer MT 4. cTrader platforms and mobile trading. MT5 multi-asset platform and servers in Equinix Colocation centers.


Saxobank has 850,000 clients worldwide, and it has 270,000 daily executed trades. It is listed as one of the best forex brokers India as it has 30 +- years of experience in the industry. Moreover, Saxo is a licensed industry leader and fully regulated.

Indian Forex Brokers Company

Though India is not listed as the wealthiest country in the world, it is still open to wider opportunities, including investing. The role of India in the global financial market is inevitable as forex brokers from India contribute much to the economy. In addition, when investing hard-earned money, one must ensure that the company is one of the best forex brokers in India, fully regulated, and has a variety of accounts and good customer support.

Regulated Forex PAMM Brokers India

It is mandatory for the best forex brokers India is regulated by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board for India), which issues licenses to fx brokers. SEBI takes the precautionary step to avoid the devaluation of the Indian currency. That is, Indian citizens can only trade with registered forex brokers.

sebi regulated forex brokers in India allow currency exchange that includes Indian currency between EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. Thus, SBI-regulated forex brokers in India gain the trust of clients. PAMM is one of the classic methods in fx trading, which stands for the percent Allocation Management Module.
It allows new traders to invest in other traders’ accounts. Not all forex companies offer PAMM accounts. However, only the best forex brokers in India offer PAMM accounts. Here is the list of regulated forex PAMM brokers India.


#2. AvaTrade

#3. IC markets


Fx Pro is a regulated FX platform segregating clients’ accounts from the company’s funds. FX Pro UK LTD is an international trade supply of ‘Invest in Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. Moreover, they offer access to top-tier liquidity and no dealing desk intervention. It is impossible to neglect FX Pro regarding the best forex brokers in India.


Ava Trade was founded in 2006 and is one of the first trading platforms available for retail traders. It has gained the confidence and trust of forex traders as it offers CFD trading online. Ava Trade is eligible to be under the list of the best forex brokers India as it has almost 1000 instruments, including Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, Indices trading, and commodities.

Moreover, Ava Trade offers tablet, desktop, mobile, and web-based trading with Meta Trader4 and MetaTrader 5. In addition, for increased security, segregated accounts are maintained, especially for clients’ funds.


IC Market is a renowned forex CFD provider which gives opportunities to all levels of traders, such as scalpers, active day traders, and also traders who are new to the market. They provide superior execution technology, unrivaled liquidity, and lower spreads, making them one of the best forex brokers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Is trading forex legal?

Yes, trading forex is absolutely legal for forex market brokers in India. But there come certain limitations to that. Not all currency pairs can be exchanged. Only the currency that involves Indian currency can be exchanged. Exchanging unpermitted currency pairs is illegal.

#2. How to forex brokers in India?

To find the best forex brokers India one must check whether it is fully regulated and licensed. SEBI registration for an Indian forex broker company is mandatory to avoid any legal issues.

#3. Is forex taxable in India?

Yes, forex currency exchange is taxable in India. If profit is below one lakh rupees the tax percentage is below 1%


Although the RBI lays strict enforcements in currency pair exchange, still there are plenty of chances to make more money. It is possible to gain profits amidst all the strict enforcements merely by choosing the best forex brokers in India. However, it is crucial to select the best forex brokers in India when it comes to investing one’s hard-earned money.

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